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    The Editors Guild

    Post by Admin on 9th July 2013, 10:15

    Our objective? To develop talented and dependable beta-readers, editors and critics, to regulate trade, and to fight for decent imaginary cookie currency wages.

    The Editors Guild posts writing challenges every week or two that intend to inspire authors and improve their writing skills. The idea is to give editors writing challenges so that they have experience in many forms of writing. This would presumably make them good at finding the weaknesses in their own writing and in other people's writing, and gain the ability to help others improve their writing.

    These Creative Challenges largely come from an RPing site called Iwaku (ages 13+ please) that hosts many extremely innovative, inspiring and interesting challenges for writers.

    No challenge is obligatory, you don't even need to join the Guild to take part in the challenges; just see what inspires you, try your hand at it, and hopefully it will help you improve your writing.

    To join the guild, please fill out this form and post it in this thread.

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